Territory War 2

Territory War 2 is a flash strategy game, in which two teams battle it out in a turn based style of game play. There are three types of game play, which are: campaign, challenges and custom battle.

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In campaign mode there are 10 missions which can be completed and you have to finish one mission to unlock the next. The first mission is a 3 versus 3 battle, in which each team has 3 players and you need to kill the other 3 without losing your men to win. Whereas, in challenge mode you are required to complete various challenges that involve certain skills of the game. For example the first challenge is to toss a certain number of grenades through rings within a certain time frame. Unlike campaign mode, you can attempt any of the challenges without completing the previous ones. The final type of gameplay is custom battle, in which you can choose player vs player or player vs cpu, and you can choose how many fighters per team, so you can weight the odds in favor of one team which is pretty cool.

The graphics of the game are extremely simple with the players being stick figures and the backgrounds are also very simple. The game play itself is very intuitive and all the controls are shown at the bottom of the screen. Each team is given a turn in which one player can move a certain distance then use a weapon of their choice and vice versa until each member of each team has had a turn. This continues until one team has eliminated the other and are obviously the winner.

All in all, Territory War 2 is a very simple but fun and addictive flash game, which you can also play at FrivABC.com It can be played by one or two players and has enough variability and different types of game play to keep you occupied for hours.

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